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About this album

The wedding photos are presented on these pages in the same format as they were presented to us by Surrey, in a photo album, four to a spread (or two square format). There were so many truly good pictures that it was difficult to make edits! The album itself is full to the brim.

The online photos were created by scanning the 35mm negatives with a Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart S20 negative scanner and VueScan by Ed Hamrick. Touch ups were applied in Photoshop 5.5. The original scans are about 1500x1000 pixels resolution.

The Hasselblad photos had to be scanned from the prints however, and the S20 isn't terribly well calibrated for that, but the results were reasonably good. You'll notice that the color balance gets better on the later pictures as they come from the same source and I get better at adjusting the scans.

At some point we may try to make some of the outtakes available here as well.

As you page through the album, if you click on any photo, your browser will download a larger version of the picture, about 600x400 pixels. Each page will take 20-30 seconds to load on a typical modem connection.

If there's a picture that you want, I'll be happy to send you a full resolution copy. They're 1600x1066 typically, about 175K JPEG. Just drop me a note!

Special thanks to Photographer Surrey Blackburn, (650) 359-9747.

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